Mission Statement

Supporting you to find your answers and create your Better Life.


I have a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (counselling) and enjoy helping people learn how to help themselves.

I am a small business dedicated to providing flexibility in where and how your counselling session is delivered. I offer a traditional session in a room, walk and talk outside in a park or place of mutual agreement, or a chat and coffee again in a mutually agreed place. As with all counselling sessions confidentiality is always of utmost importance.

I worked in the disability sector for many years in the Criminal Justice program as a mentor also as a Community support worker. I have experience with Domestic Violence victims and perpetrators, mental health and criminal backgrounds.

Counselling is a collaborative partnership between the therapist and the client. Sometimes, as in life, this relationship does not work. This does not mean counselling does not work. Try another counsellor until you find the right one for you. The therapeutic relationship is a major contributing factor to you being comfortable in discussing your personal information and trusting the counsellor. If it does not feel right, don’t give up, keep trying.

I ask that you allow 4 regular scheduled sessions to see if we are going to be able to work together before deciding.

My Goal

To bring the skills that I have learned in life, along with my training, to provide a unique service to the Hunter Valley Area. Bringing a flexibility in counselling delivery and a more personalized approach meeting the needs of people from all walks of life.

Helping people to acknowledge and change what they can and to accept what they cannot. To providing tools and strategies to help you get through daily life when it becomes a struggle.